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Application of hot-dip galvanizing on concrete steel bar
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Concrete steel bars are the main material in modern buildings. Concrete provides an alkaline environment for steel to prevent corrosion of steel bars. However, due to the effects of chloride, atmospheric carbon dioxide and acid rain, the alkaline environment is changed, causing corrosion of steel bars. The volume of the product has doubled, causing internal stress in the reinforced concrete and cracks at the beginning of 2-10. The expansion of the cracks causes cracks and aggravates the corrosion of the medium to the steel bars, which will further lead to the fracture of the steel bars and the crushing of the concrete. . The use of epoxy resin and hot-dip galvanizing are extremely effective measures in Europe, and the cost of hot-dip galvanizing is lower than epoxy resin. At present, hot-dip galvanized steel bars are being used well in Europe, and their effectiveness has been affirmed by users. Japan, Taiwan and other places are vigorously developing research in this area. The successful development of hot-dip galvanized steel bars will further promote the development of China's galvanized industry and zinc industry

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