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How to deal with hot dip galvanized zinc leakage
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In the process of hot-dip galvanizing, sometimes there will be zinc leakage. Here is how to solve the zinc leakage:

1. The aluminum content in the zinc liquid is controlled below 0.05%. It is recommended to use a 5-10% aluminum content master alloy instead of using pure aluminum ingots directly.

2. Avoid over pickling of high carbon steel

3. Thoroughly remove welding slag and welding slag spatter

4. Prevent overheating and burning of the flux

5. High-concentration solvents can be applied in advance to areas that are likely to cause hot-dip galvanizing.

6. Keep the surface of the hot-dip galvanizing liquid at the entrance of the workpiece clean and prevent the aluminum content from being enriched.

7. Strengthen the pre-treatment of hot-dip galvanizing

8. Minimize the residence time of the process

9. Ensure the quality concentration and reasonable ratio of the plating aid

10. After grinding off the hot-dip galvanized surface of the flame cutting zone, thoroughly remove the residual frosting.

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